Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm growing tea!

Meet my new little plant friend.  It's a tea bush.  I'm pretty excited, I had no idea it would be possible to grow my own tea this far north.  This variety comes from Sochi (home of the next winter olympics!) in southern Russia, which is apparently the most northern tea producer in the world.  I bought it from The Food Tree, which is an amazing little permaculture business out in the mountains (even more in the mountains than I am) near here.  They grow a ton of interesting plants including a couple citrus plants that are hardy enough to handle the Kootenays.  Now you know what I want for my birthday :p

So I can learn all about tea making now!  Kate, from The Food Tree recommended picking the shiny new leaves and mashing them up for green tea, so that's what I'll try first.

Finger's crossed that I can keep this little plant alive, I've never spent $45 on a seedling before!

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