Monday, January 20, 2014

21 Day Sugar Detox: Week 2

A couple days late, but we are finished with week 2 of The 21 Day Sugar Detox (read about week 1 here).  Only 5 more days!  Hooray!

I can't lie, I was pretty happy at the beginning of the week, but by the end I was super bored of eating this way.  It's just so much effort.  I would like to be able to at least add some rice back into our diet.  And potatoes.  Lunches especially are feeling like a lot of work.  I'm tired of the weaksauce soups with no starches, and my veggies patties are always soggy with coconut flour instead of rice flour.  There seems to be  a lot of eggs for lunch (quiche, frittata, chef's salad) which is a lot of egg after our daily breakfast of eggs (which I love, no complaints there).

Part of my dissatisfaction is because I foolishly stepped on the scale and found that I've actually gained two lbs.  As I'm pretty sure I eat my weight in vegetables every day, this is a bit annoying.  Not a big deal, but not a great motivator either.  Also, I still have mild heartburn.  I've had it since Christmas and I really thought this would kick it.

Here's what we've been eating for suppers this week:
- Homade sausage with roasted cabbage and salad
- Spaghetti squash sesame noodles (without the edamame and using coconut aminos) with asian burgers
- Roast chicked with chimichurri sauce, root veggies and salad
- Vietnamese style chicken cabbage salad
- Cauli-rice stir fry
- Leftover chicken salad
- Meatballs with chimichurri sauce, mashed rutabaga and salad.

I've also eaten out a couple times, and here's what I've learned:
- you can order a poached egg, a side of ham and a side of hollandaise, and it's almost like an eggs benny.
- Big salads with chicken are a good restaurant lunch (although I think there was honey in my dressing...oops).
- Apparently an unsweetened London Fog at Starbucks is an Earl Grey Misto and costs half as much.  But the matcha late still has sugar in it, even if you get it unsweetened (I learned this on the first day of the detox).  So in the future, I will be getting it unsweetened!

A couple people have asked me what my first meal will be when I'm done.  I'm pretty sure it will be bacon and eggs, same as always, with a yummy green smoothie.  But there will be honey in my tea!


  1. Ahh!!! Excited to order "Earl Grey Misto" and save money! And congrats for doing so well on the sugar detox.. I am doing a "candy detox"(no pastries or candy/chocolate) and that is embarrassingly hard.

    1. Thanks Michelle! Yeah, I miss chocolate. It's breaking my habit of needing it every day though. How long are you trying to be candy free?

    2. Just one month - January. But I have realized a lot doing this like - I eat what should be "treats" way too often. So I am going to keep it up and maybe give myself one or two cheat days per month. Even just by cutting out those extra sweets I have noticed things taste sweeter to me! I'm sure you will notice that even more when you are back on sugar!