Thursday, April 23, 2015

Daily Diptych: 168-174/365

I love this time of year, when we get this golden light in the evenings through the forest.  When I went up to take photos I was told to get out of their forest...

Waiting for our meal to be ready from the food truck.


It occured to me while editing these photos that Ria has had those tattoos since Easter...she does bathe, just so you know.

So many smiles, you wouldn't guess from these photos that we had a nasty stomach bug hit our household this week.  Many changes of bedding.  These kids are troopers.

I took advantage of the great weather this week by prepping a new garden space in the backyard.  They were running around yelling that it was waves and they were seahorse princesses, or something like that.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Daily Diptych 162-167/365

I'm doing the 100 day project on instagram.  Daily painting is good family fun :)

I told Sunny not to put the paintbrush in her mouth anymore.  So she didn't.

Our Strong Start group got to tour the fire hall this week.  Ria was very excited and got to ride in the fire truck and use the big fire hose.  Sunny snuggled me and eyed it all suspiciously.

More blossom fun.

Getting as chalky as possible.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


On Sunday after supper we were all tired, but I totally bribed my children with chocolate to be nice in photos for me.  And I'm not even a little bit ashamed because a) it worked and b) the yard only looks like this for one week out of the entire year, and they were forecasting rain/snow the next couple days.

It's not hard to get Ria to sit still for photos (especially with a bribe)

Sunny, on the other hand, hasn't had a smiling at the camera headshot in...months?  Years?  These photos are like mythical unicorns.

Okay, so that's the pretty photos...want to see a hint of what it took to get them?

And I could go on, but I won't.  Ever single shot I took of Sunny is different and most of them are hilarious.

Here's the yard, from my living room window at the right angle, all I see is blossoms.  It's my favourite time of year at this house.

This is my third year taking photos in front of this tree.  Here's last year, and here's the year before.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wildflowers on Yellow Pine Trail

Another sunny hike on Yellow Pine Trail last week.  We stopped for a snack at the top and were surrounded by all kinds of yellow wildflowers.  I love this time of year!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Daily Diptych: 157-161/365

We've started digging in the garden and finding little worm friends (also snails, which I give to them as short lived pets).  Sunny is holding out dirt for the worm to eat.

We fed the neighbour's horses for a few days.  The girls were not at all excited.

Craig has started playing Heroes of the Storm and there is a little panda girl character.  That's all he's allowed to play now.

Have I mentioned how much I love Spring? The day before this we went on a big hike, to be posted next (if you're wondering why my numbering seems suspect).