Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Baby Arya

While my girls were snuggling puppies, I got to hang out with this sweet little thing.  And she made us work for every half smile!

Daily Diptych: 46/365

The girls came with me to take some baby photos this morning, and we founds some little baby puppies too.  They were enthralled.

Daily Diptych: 44-45/365

Bedtime routine, bubble bath and then a snack while they do their advent colouring.

And the sun going down at noon.  We have had a lot of cloudy dark days lately and I almost missed this glimpse of sunshine.  So then I went into town to get a couple more hours of it.  Counting the days until Solstice and increasing sunshine.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Daily Diptych 43/365

Ria makes her own bed now and always wants to show off how nice and neat it is.  In fact she does her best to fall asleep with it perfectly straight with the duvet folded down, just so.  Sunny, on the other hand?  Glared at me from her messy bed and went back to her book.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Daily Diptych: 41-42/365

They are obsessed with candy canes, but I am the un-fun parent who refuses to buy them every time we see them at the checkout.  The librarian who teaches the preschool class is more fun than me ;)  I can live with that.

Amaryllis is the new Pointsetta, am I right?