Sunday, May 24, 2015

Baby Caelen

Got to sneak in some baby snuggles with my cousin's littlest one yesterday. So sweet. So stubborn about sleeping for me. I still kind of wanted to steal him.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Daily Diptych 192-196/365

Tami's garden has a couple kale plants that overwintered and she's been leaving them until she needs the garden space. The girls go and visit her and play hide and seek in the kale flowers and eat and eat and eat kale. Little bunnies.

We went to the park and played in the swimming ponds (our town has a fantastic outdoor swimming area).  I had foolishly thought we could just play in the sand but of course Ria tripped and got soaking wet, and Sunny kept crouching down in the water.  Good thing I brought spare clothes, and learned that Ria can still wear her little sister's shorts, even if they are a bit short!

The girls have decided that this little grove of trees is their fort. I approve, however Ria does often tell me (dramatically) that she wants a reeeeal tree house.  Not today, kid.

This garden is a hot mess, but everything looks pretty in the evening light!

Both the girls got haircuts yesterday, if Sunny won't let me do anything with her hair, it should at least be a managable length.

 I went outside after dinner and found her crouched, with her face in a bucket. She was so still for so long that I wondered if it was possible to fall asleep like that. Then she popped up and showed me her new pet beetle. She said that she thought it was a baby beetle and was lost from it's family and far from home. But it didn't speak human so she wasn't sure. And then she squished it in an attempt to love it too much. But it was still slightly alive, and Ria wanted to keep it as a pet in her plant in the bedroom.

Seriously, these kids.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Daily Diptych: 185-191

I just can't get enough of the evening light this time of year.

Ria got everyone carefully arranged and then Sunny came along and decided that she wanted her bear (Chocolate, she's a girl, because Chocolate is a girl's name). There were tears.

Oh the hair.

We've had to switch bath time to mornings because we just can't go inside early enough in the evening.

Our neighbours have the most amazing wisteria. I would steal it, but it's attached to their house...

This is when I told Ria that she couldn't sleep with her pet worm. She was convinced that he would be happy if she made a bed of leaves for him in her bed. I told her that worms do not sleep on leaves. And also no. I think in the end she buried him, with the leaf, because she was still convinced that he needed it. Then she tried to dig him up again to show him one of her toys that she thought he would really like to see, but that smart worm was outta there.

We had a picnic with friends and I did a family photoshoot of them (coming soon!) but of course my kids managed to get photographed as well.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lockhart Creek

We went on a little hike and a picnic for my sister in law's birthday last week at Lockhart Creek Park.  I was a gorgeous day :)