Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunny turns four!

Wednesday was Sunny's fourth birthday. We met my parents and my niece at the ferry landing and had lunch before heading to spend the afternoon at the hot springs. Sunny is a little fish, so it was the perfect way to spend her birthday.

As if it wasn't hard enough on my mommy heart to have my youngest turn four, Ria lost her first tooth that day! She is pretty pumped.

At the diner, watching ducks while we wait for our lunch. Oh yeah, Sunny got a hair cut the day before, I love it.

Here we are after our swim having some birthday cupcakes back at the ferry landing before we said goodbye. I love this four year old!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Almost Spring at Syringa

Last week we met my friend Leah and her kids at Syringa. It was cold, it snowed a bit, and the kids had trouble understanding that you shouldn't reach into the lake with mittens on. All that said, it was sooo nice to be outside. Come on springtime!

Craig got me a new toque/hat thing for Christmas. Very cozy.

We have a Fraser boy sighting!

It's not a proper beach outing unless you come home with your pockets full of rocks!

Photo Life: January 23 - Feb 05

I've actually taken a lot of photos these last couple weeks, so there'll be more to come. But for now, here's a couple random photos from painting time.

And Ria's first time skating. The kindergarten class went and she was pretty nervous but did so well. And I can't lie, I needed the cage too for the first couple laps, it's been a long time since I last wore skates!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Motherstyles: Book Recommendation

If you've spent much time around me, you will probably have heard me talking about the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator. I'm a bit of a nerd about personality types and MB has been by far the most useful for me.

Myers' Briggs has four pairs of traits to make 16 possible personality types:

Introverted or Extroverted
Intuition or Sensing
Thinking or Feeling
Judging or Perceiving

I'm an INTJ, so I'm introverted (I), which means I get my energy from time alone and process internally. I trust my intuition and go with my gut rather than just what my senses are telling me, often making intuitive leaps to get to a solution. (N). I make decisions based on logic rather than how I feel or how my decision will make others feel (T). And I prefer my life to have structure and order, but am not terribly flexible (J).

Your type is more than just the four elements, the combination makes a profile that is eerily accurate for many people.

If you don't know your personality type, my favourite online test is at 16 personalities, although it's only a shorter version of the official test which is done through someone who is licensed.

Learning about type has been a huge factor in my personal growth. It's taught me about my strengths, limits, and blind spots, while teaching me more empathy and respect for the way other people make decisions and structure their lives.

I learned about Motherstyles by Janet Penley and Diane Eble while nerding around on the internet somewhere and I ordered it in through my local library. It's such a great book. It includes a very good overview on the types and helped me to finally understand the Judging vs Perceiving pair.

Then it takes that framework and applies it to all areas of being a mother, from self care to communication with your kids (with tips for guessing their types), spouse and even in-laws. There are a lot of practical tips as well as sidebars from real mothers who have taken Penley's seminars.

I learned that as an INTJ it's a strong value for me to raise independent children who can do things for themselves. I have actually worried that I'm overly insistent that my kids do whatever they can on their own, so that was interesting to read. There's a lot of emphasis on being a parent that is in touch with your strengths, as opposed to comparing yourself to other mothers and worrying about all the things you should be doing.

In short, I think it's a great read for you if any of the follow applies:

- You are interested in Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator
- You want to parent from your strengths
- You want to improve your relationships with other humans should read it unless you're a hermit.

The End.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Photo Life: January 9-22

We've had a rough couple of weeks at the Sandvig household, with gross slushy weather outside and colds all around inside. This is how we stave off cabin fever, forts and pathways through the house.

And another day of inside play :)

And that's all I've got for these past two weeks. Hopefully we have better health and more winter fun coming soon!