Sunday, August 30, 2015

Summit Lake 2015

We spent last week camping at Summit Lake. We used to camp there with my cousins when we were kids, so it was a lot of fun bringing our expanded families to make new memories. On the first day we were the only one's there until supper time (we live the closest) so we enjoyed the little dock.

If the photos look a little orange, that's just how it was. There was so much smoke in the air that the sun glowed orangey red and the moon was hot pink.

By the second day there were cousins to play with! I hardly saw Ria for the rest of the camping trip, she was always off having an adventure.

Sometimes you're just drinking your hot chocolate...minding your own business...and along comes a photobombing auntie.

Day three brought a bit more sunshine. It was so smoky all week that the days felt pretty cool. My poor little niece was stung by a wasp on her cheek and it was swollen for a couple days.

So this was camping?

Sunny drew a picture of Hang, her monster (because he hangs). I'm pretty sure she's an artistic genius. I'm not at all biased.

Day four was much warmer, we played in the water and there was a lot of toad chasing.

And Day 5 was packing up time. The sky spat rain on us (which is a welcome thing this year, although we didn't mind it waiting until our last day) and the kids ran around in their pj's while we got organized. Barb asked my dad specifically to make bannock while we were camping as she remembers it from our childhood trips. Sadly we couldn't have a fire this year to cook the bread on sticks to we made do with a griddle.

And then it was home time. I had so much fun camping with everyone! We're planning on making it a yearly thing and I'm so happy to watch my kids making the same kind of memories that played such a big part of my childhood.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Daily Diptych: 281-287/365

We saw Finnegan chasing something through the kitchen and rescued this little guy. Sadly, he had already dropped his tail, but at least he didn't get eaten! The girls were cautiously excited.

Best use for fresh tomatoes? Chop up with some basil, olive oil, salt, pepper, and balsamic reduction. Then eat it with everything.

I got them Mary Poppins and there's been a lot of kite making around here.

Smoky evening light.

My new Earth Runners. I am in love.

Sleepy girls.

Stealing from Tami's garden.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Allison + Crispin + 1

The forest fires might make the air smoky, but they also made the setting sun pretty and glowy! I had fun photographing this next stage of your guys life :)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Daily Diptych: 272-279/365

A couple shots from the day I did the Sorenson Family shoot. I brought the girls along, which I normally wouldn't do (of course) but they are friends and love my kids. Thanks Tami for getting that shot of me and Sunny! She loves me almost as much as she loves dill. And this is what happens when I don't give her enough attention.

She was helping me cook, but got shy for the photo. She tells me daily that she is the little chef, and I am her sous chef.

They had an elaborate My Little Pony game that lasted for a couple hours.

Bedtime stories

Tomatoes! (and toes) I made a bamboo string trellace for them. Last year this worked fine, this year not so much. I have such a bumper crop that all the trellises have been pulled down and I had to reinforce them.

The girls had their last day of Summer Reading Club and Ria was very excited about the fist craft they made.

Melissa and I had a shopping/pick up packages from the border day. It tired her little guy right out apparently. Sunny was not at all excited about her new doll.

I ordered the girls Lottie Dolls with their birthday money from their grandparents (yes, their birthday was 6 months ago...). They love them. Ria especially hasn't let hers out of her sight since she got it. It sleeps on a little mega blocks bed on her dresser.

Unfortunately, Ria's little snowqueen doll is pretty but the dress split it's seam and the mask broke within 3 hours. So while I think these dolls are an amazing alternative to Barbies, I wouldn't get the Snow Queen Lottie.

And then Sunny chewed the foot of hers, because apparently she is a puppy? Poor Lottie. Now I have to get to work on their dollhouse!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Daily Dipytch: 267-271/365

No she was not naked, yes she is very strange.

Sometimes I bribe them to hug each other nicely in the evening light.

And sometimes I forget to take a photo until it's dark and the only person awake is myself.


They each drew each other a mermaid picture. Ria has hers taped over her bed.